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Concert tees and novelty tees and other band/novelty clothing items

This post is dedicated for selling concert or band merch. tees, tanks, hoodies, etc.... and movie/entertainment novelty tees and clothing items of that kind.......for instance I currently have band tees of all kinds, Twilight/New Moon shirts and hoodie, Dark Knight Joker tee as well as some other novelty tees as well, you'll just have to take a peek to see the goods!!

Rockware AC/DC top size XXL $5

Ramones tee size XXL, it's a bit worn looking but has plenty of life left in it and with band tees being worn looking just adds character anyway ;) $3

The Beatles Yellow Submarine tee size 16 W and its a little worn looking but not bad, it's just got character heheh $3

Old Navy "Batty" t-shirt size XL $3

Lacuna Coil t-shirt purchased at concert has tour locations listed on back size L (fits ladies XL-XXL) $5

closeup of front:

Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt size L or XL mens size tag missing but fits ladies XL or XXL $5

Deftones tee size L (purchased at concert) $5

New Moon Jacob tank top size L $5

back of New Moon tank top:

Deftones red tank top size L (purchased at concert) $5

Deftones black tank top size L (purchased at concert) $5

Undead Tee size M $5


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