October 13th, 2011

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Lippy sales post........

I just went through my lippy stock to see what all was still left in stock and I went through my personal collection and am posting TONS of my lippy stuff for sale. I haven't gotten photos taken so am just posting item names/sizes/descriptions at the moment. I am currently in Colorado and will be heading back to Washington shortly and would love to clear out as much stuff as possible before I head back, keep in mind that at the moment I am listing most of my clothing for sale just for the purpose of clearing stuff out so I have room for everything in my car to head back to Washington so when I do get back, anything that hasn't sold may not necessarily still be for sale when I get back so this is an act fast type of deal on this stuff!!!

Also will be posting tons of shoes, boots, accessories and other clothing brands either in the next few days or after I get back to WA depending on how much time it takes to prepare my sales posts, I am trying to work on everything but it is overwhelming and exhausting to say the least! ;)

On to the lippy sales, all lippy below in this post:

Unknown line pants (possibly Hot Topic but don't see HT on tag) dark olive green with stripes size 13 $20

RNR jeans skinny jeans w/patches NWT size 32 $20

Batz N Bones leopard print leggings NIP size XL $30

Batz N Bones red/black stripe contrast panel leggings NIP size XL $30

Furminator spikey pvc hat w/faux fur details/black NIP size L/XL $20

Desensitized jacket black/green NWOT size XL $50

Desensitized mini skirt black/green NWOT size XXL $40

Desensitized jacket black/grey NWOT size XXL $50

Batz N Bones black lace leggings NWOT size XL $30

Batz N Bones purple lace leggings NWOT size L $25

Internet Specials red/black pinstripe micro mini skirt NWOT size XL $20
Batz N Bones leopard print sleeveless top NWOT size XL $30

Return to Thunderdome mini skirt size 12 (fits 14 or 16) $25

Deadbeat Daggers leggings black/white size XL $30

From the Cradle To The Grave black hoodie size XXL $50

From the Cradle to the Grave black tunic size XXL $50

Bat Attack tank/tunic w/lace up neck detail size XL $35

Corrosion of Conformity red War print tank top w/ruffle detail on back size XL $30

Corrosion of Conformity red War print leggings size L $30

Sweet Sinner Sweats black capris size XXL $25

Fallout unisex top size XL $25

Dusk Til' Dawn black long sleeved dress (this must have been a made for Torrid version because the fabric is stretchy unlike actual DTD fabric and it's plus size) size 1X $50

Gangsta Pranksta black/green mini skirt NIP size 5 $25
Gangsta Pranksta black/green bondage pants NIP size 27 $40
Dem Bones muscle tank NWOT size M $20

Starfucker Fishnet blue halter top NWOT size L $15

Through the Looking Glass blue blouse NWT size L $15

Spellbound cami NWT size XL $15

Fashist Fishnet pink padlock top NWOT size XL $15

Batz N Bones leopard print contrast panel leggings NWT size XL $30

Batz N Bones purple lace leggings NWT size S $25

Road To Ruin Fur red bustier NWOT size L $5

Through the Looking Glass blue blouse NWT size XL $15

Through the Looking Glass blue bustier NWT size XL $15

Black N Blue Ballerina blue/black shirt NWOT size L $15

Gangsta Pranksta grey shorts NWOT size XL $25

Hot Topic mini kilt/lime green plaid NWT size XXL $20

Blacklist Core Dark Desires jacket NWT size XL $35

Devil's Brigade red dress NWT size L $15

From The Cradle To The Grave bone hoodie size L $25
Work Detail black cop dress size XL $15

Fatal Fatiques muscle tank grey camo NWOT size XL $15

As you are I was, As I am you will be skull fitted tee (no size tag but it's a M or L) $5
RNR stocking print  jeans/purple NWOT size 30 $25

RNR FUCK print men's jeans NWOT size 36 $25

Trash N Dagger Trash ladies jeans NWOT size 32 $20

Through the Looking Glass blue gown NWT size XS $100

Kill City Devil's Choice slashed tee size XL $20

Fashist Fishnet neon yellow hoodie NWOT size XL $15

Punk & Disorderly blue plaid micro mini skirt NWOT size XXL $20

#25-89 thong underwear black/silver (thought it was supposed to be white but looks silver) NIP size XL $5

#25-89 thong underwear black/silver NIP size XXL $5

Stretch F'n Jeans (old school line) men's cargo pocket faded black jeans size 34 $25

Rockshow men's hoodie size M $35

Maximum Punk red plaid pants size XL $50

Pit & Pendulum 3/4 sleeve red top w/studs & cross print size XL $20

RNR Essentials capsleeve bone color hoodie size L $15

Fashist Fishnet sample red hoodie (hand destroyed by lippy model/designer Katia) sample size $15

Fashist Fishnet 80's lady red top size XL $15
In Memory of Disintegrated Lace cream colored ruffle cap sleeve top (no size tag and lippy tag removed but is size L or XL) $15

From the Cradle To The Grave black unisex longsleever size L $50

Requiem For The Dead II burgundy cloak size XL $100

RIP tombstone print dress NWOT size XL $100

Dark Legacy red lolita mini dress size XL $50

Achtung Playtime militia jacket/shirt candy apple red accents size XXL $80

From The Cradle To The Grave bone color hoodie size XXL $50

Hollywood Geisha robe black dragon colorway size XL (looks awesome as shirt for extra curvy gals like me!) $35

Spellbound hoodie size XL $45

Corrosion of Conformity red men's hoodie size L $50

Ghost Town halter top NWT size L $25

Ghost Town muscle top NWT size M $25

Fatal Fatigues unisex longsleever grey camo size XL $25

Rock N Roll Essentials Rage & Revenge black hoodie size S (has quarter size hole underneath hood, can't see it unless hood is up) $10
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