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Tripp, Torrid, Lip Service, Lane Bryant, Venezia, Old Navy, Avenue and many other great brands!!

SIZES IN LISTING: Large, XL, XXL, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 26, 28 1X, 2X, 3X
SMOKING/NON SMOKING: Non smoking home, many items have been purchased online though so some stuff may have been sent to me from a smoking home but I haven't noticed smoke smell on anything and I don't smoke :)
PETS/NO PETS: I have one sweet little black cat and there use to be a white dog here, but he didn't hang out around my clothes and my kitty isn't allowed in my drawers and closet and does not wear my clothes ;) hehehe
GENERAL TIME PERIOD FOR SHIPPING: I ship once or twice a week as needed
INTERNATIONAL/DOMESTIC: I am happy to ship worldwide!! I am located in the USA in Washington state
METHOD OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Paypal, Google Checkout, money order, carefully concealed cash AYOR
DATE OF LAST POST: May 24th (Prices now reduced drastically!!! Lots of $2 and $3 items and the majority of items are $10 and under though there are some exceptions, but this post has about 100 or more items for sale and the vast majority are $10 or less!!!) ALSO I just made a bunch of items FREE with purchase of other item or items so check it out!!! Those are scattered throughout the post!
LINK TO FEEDBACK PAGE: No feedback here yet apparently though I have had many successful transactions here but I just recently finally got my feedback page set up so here's the link to leave feedback for me FATS FEEDBACK, and until I get some fatshionxchange feedback, here's my feedback on goth auctions FEEDBACK

Shipping NOT included in prices and buyer to pay all shipping costs! I normally like to ship via USPS priority flat rate, but if I can save you money shipping non priority I will surely do what I can!!

I normally am willing to wait on payments however I am now selling at my local flea market/swap meets to clear this stuff out and starting up a new business (I have a new website too and there is plus size stuff there just FYI if anybody's interested!!) So anyhow, no excessive holds unless I have held items for you before and you came through on purchasing them ;)

And I think that covers everything but if you have further questions just ask!!! I have way too much stuff and this is just scratching the surface here, I may be moving out of state soon so I need to really pare down my clothing collection so you will definitely be seeing more from me!!! LOL

Oh and I have a huge range of sizes because buying online is hard for me because my size varies so much it seems, plus my weight fluctuates anyway, always has, and then I sometimes see something I know is too big or small but buy it hoping for a miracle and the miracle doesn't happen heheh and other than that I have a hard time letting go of stuff and tend to stockpile anything to do with if I'm afraid they're going to just stop making clothes, that's why I have so much ;P

Avenue 3/4 sleeve top size 26/28 $3

Mossimo sheer tunic/dress super cute size 1X $5

Old Navy 3/4 sleeve top size XXL $3

Thalia tank top w/rhinestone embellishments at neckline size XL $1

Rockware AC/DC top size XXL $3

Old Navy "Batty" t-shirt size XL FREE with purchase of other item/s

Lacuna Coil t-shirt purchased at concert has tour locations listed on back size L (fits ladies XL-XXL) $3

closeup of front:

Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt size L or XL mens size tag missing but fits ladies XL or XXL $3

Caren Jeans NWT awesome distressed look skinny jeans size 21/22 $12

X-you awesome light wash NWT studded skinny jeans w/dark rhinestone like details by pocket and even more amazing in person!! size 20 $20

closeup of rhinestone like detail:

Chor army green cargo pants size 40 from Hot Topic, missing 2 buttons but an easy fix and otherwise amazing condition, only worn a couple of times, buttons popped off when I tried them on and they no longer fit me at the time $10

Request cyber like pants with zip details w/o-ring zip pulls at bottom back of legs size 19 $10

back of pants:

MXM cyber/raver pants with zip details on legs, zip is broken on one leg but easy fix and otherwise awesome condition! Size 17/18 $10

Younique awesome flare legged jeans size 17, so flattering and great quality I love these, one of my favorite pair of jeans ever!! $15

Torrid duster/cardigan with detachable faux fur trim size 2 $10

Rock & Rose hoodie with ruched sides size L $5

Fashion Bug zebra print bra size 40DD $5

Lip Service punk plaid capris with stud details size tag missing but measures 44" waist and 50" hips, there is a small tear near the bottom of one leg as shown in pics that doesn't really show unless you try to make it show (I had no idea it was even there until I went to photograph them, never noticed it when I got them or when trying them on) otherwise they are not in bad condition though they definitely show wear $5

pic of small tear:

Lip Service 'Fatal Fatigues' halter hoodie grey camo colorway size XL $15

g Signature black blazer w/raised black dots on the fabric, really cool looking size 16 $7

Faded Glory stretch light grey corduroy blazer/jacket size XL 16/18 $5


Merona black blazer size XL so awesome in person, I loved pairing this with my band tees :D  $5

Ruby Rox strapless bubble skirted little black dress size XL there is one very minor almost unnoticable pull in the fabric but this is still totally wearable and lovely, also this pic does the dress no justice!! $10

Venezia red/black chevron stripe button up 3/4 sleeve shirt size 18/20 $3

Jasmine India/Boho blue tye dye batik style shirt, really gorgeous on, sheer with sparkly accents at neckline and the ties you see hanging are to be tied around the underbust which makes for a very flattering fit on a busty girl ;) no size tag but fits an XL to 1X woman $5

FANG Dysfunctional red/black shirt w/fishnet sleeves and silver chain details at neck area size XL $5

Metro 7 3/4 sleeve black shirt with scalloped lace neckline area size XL $3

Style & Co black longsleeve shirt with butterfly print decorated with rhinestones, tagged a size L but will fit at least 1X and would be very loose on a typical ladies L size person $3

Las Vegas camoflauge tank top size XL $5

The Beatles Yellow Submarine tee size 16 W and its a little worn looking but not bad, it's just got character heheh $3

New Moon Jacob tank top size L $3

back of New Moon tank top:

Deftones red tank top size L (purchased at concert) $3

Deftones black tank top size L (purchased at concert) $3

Xhilaration purple plaid pants w/metallic thread accents size 13 $12

Union Bay stretch black jeans size 15 (stretchy twill fabric) $5

back of pants:

Lane Bryant basic black pencil skirt size 16 $3

Worthington Stretch black tulip skirt with military style rows of buttons on each side of front waist area size 14 (38" waist and 46" hips though) $5

GAP cute brown stretchy skirt (looks black in pic for some reason but is actually a chocolate brown color) size XL very generously sized $3

Chor greyish black denim mini skirt w/unfinished hem size XL with 38" waist $7

Unknown brand red/black/white plaid skirt, supposed to be a maternity skirt but doesn't look it (would work for it though I suppose) no size tag either but waist fits 32" unstretched and up to 40" when the waist panel is stretched $5

Mossimo beautiful black skirt with waist tie, no size tag but looks like size XL 34" waist and free size hips $5

French Connection dark blue denim skirt size 12 $3

And now onto the Lip Service clothing!!!

Lip Service "Work Detail" cop dress in excellent condition size XL $15

Lip Service "Spellbound" cami top with spiderweb print & corset style lacing in back NWT size XL $15

Lip Service "Fatal Fatigues" bustier in cool grey camo (skull camoflauge) colorway NWT size XL $15

Lip Service "Fashist Fishnet" padlock fishnet top in hot pink fishnet NWOT size XL $10
(top is longer than shown in pic of pink top, length is like pic of shirt in white colorway)

Lip Service "Gangsta Pranksta" bondage shorts grey/white pinstripe NWOT size XL $20

Lip Service "Blacklist Core" 'Dark Desires' jacket NWT size XL $25
(original retail was close to $100)

Lip Service "Through The Looking Glass" Alice In Wonderland style bustier NWT size XL $15

Lip Service "Through The Looking Glass" Alice In Wonderland style short sleeve top size XL $15

Lip Service "From The Cradle To The Grave" hoodie bone colorway w/skull print NWT size L $25
(original retail was around $80 on these and they are long since sold out and hard to find now!! Also the skull print is on the back of hoodie too, a whole big section of it)

Lip Service "Starf**ker Fishnet" halter top in metallic blue fishnet NWOT size L $10

Lip Service "Devils Brigade" red vinyl gladiator dress NWT size L $15

Lip Service "Black N Blue Ballerina" shirt NWOT size L $10

Lip Service "Through The Looking Glass" Alice In Wonderland style short sleeve top NWT size L $15

Lip Service "Road To Ruin Fur" red w/black faux fur trim NWOT size L $5

Lip Service "Fashist Fishnet" padlock fishnet top in RED fishnet (not color shown in catalog pic below) NWOT size L $10

Lip Service "Fashist Fishnet" padlock fishnet top in hot pink fishnet NWOT size L $10
(length of shirt is like the pic of white shirt but color is like the pic of pink shirt)


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